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Before Each Other

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Where were we a year before passing each other by? What were we doing a month before gazing into each other’s eyes? When did we come to decide to chance upon each other’s paths? Who were we before the landslide that completely transformed our lives?

You were you and I was I. We led two lives unknown irrelevant of each other.

Stretched, tangled–a messy maze–the Red Thread of Fate.


This will be quite a ride–a rollercoaster, a horror train, a circus octopus–because I’m about to dive deep into the crevices of my own mind and also my storage device’s to unearth kept capture; some memories we might find hard to believe exist in the form of pictures and words both moving and unmoving, silent and resounding.

Serialize, materialize, concretize–that’s a way to preserve a sturdy point of reference of our memory of each other–the story of us.

The triumphs, the umphs, the rattles and the giant quarrels are all part of our love story’s snowball.

~ B


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