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Hello January Love

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31 January 2018, Wednesday

ERG, A506

Happy New Year from Team RainPlay
Happy New Year 2018 from Team RainPlay

Dearest Darlan Love,

It’s amazing that we finally get to this point (again) where we can write letters to each other. We’ve come to this point that not only do we say that we value our quality time, but we’re also doing actions to prove it. I know we’re far from being totally organized and updated with our ever growing to-do’s, but I’m glad we’re working to get there. Not only do we need it for our sanity, but I know it will bring us extra happiness knowing that we are on top of our game, and it will give us more time for #cuddletime.

Planning the Story of Us

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Jaycelle's Notes

Jaycelle and I were discussing about how we should go about telling our story from way back our LWS days. We adapted the framework: Before, During, and After.

So far, we have written a little already.

Blackwater Man

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Bryce at Clay and Steffi's Wedding
Bryce in front of a wedding car, busting out his dance moves. 2 January 2018

Here’s Bryce’s latest song where he automatically bust out some moves—Blackwater Man.