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Planning the Story of Us

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Jaycelle's Notes

Jaycelle and I were discussing about how we should go about telling our story from way back our LWS days. We adapted the framework: Before, During, and After.

So far, we have written a little already.

Blackwater Man

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Bryce at Clay and Steffi's Wedding
Bryce in front of a wedding car, busting out his dance moves. 2 January 2018

Here’s Bryce’s latest song where he automatically bust out some moves—Blackwater Man.

Week 1, 2018

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J & B in the Dawn of 2018
Jaycelle and Brian for the new year pose. 1 January 2018

And just like that, a week has happened.

We started the new year with a new experience of celebrating it with us three—our little family. In the dark skyline we watched sprouting fireworks with as less booming noise as ever.